Unusual Hotels in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Lloyd hotelYour accommodation in the Dutch capital can be just as memorable as your sightseeing. In Amsterdam, you can choose from a number of truly unusual hotels. What about sleeping in the middle of the IJ River, a former prison, on a houseboat, or in your own private tower? There are plenty of options for a remarkable stay.

Unique Amsterdam accommodation

It’s not only Amsterdam’s renowned museums and attractions that are worth visiting. Many of the city’s hotels have interesting stories to tell as well.

Faralda NDSM Crane HotelLloyd Hotel

Budget-conscious boutique with something for everyone

Every room at the Lloyd Hotel is different, and that makes a stay here extra special. A number of different interior designers let their imaginations run wild in the rooms. The rooms range from 1 to 5 stars, so there’s something for every budget. The building also has an intriguing past. It was first an ‘immigrant’s hotel’ for travellers waiting for ships to their future homes, then a prison and later a juvenile detention centre. Besides offering comfortable accommodation, it’s a great place for art lovers. The hotel regularly hosts a variety of exhibitions.

Hotel Not Hotel Amsterdam

Hotel de Windketel

Romantic bolthole in private tower

What could be more romantic than an overnight stay in your own private tower? Hotel de Windketel is a free-standing tower in the middle of the Watertorenplein. In the 20th century, this house was part of the municipal waterworks. The waterworks complex included five buildings, with the tower being the smallest. Today, this historic building serves as a hotel. Hotel de Windketel consists of three floors and is equipped with all the latest conveniences. After spending a long day in Amsterdam, you can relax in the garden surrounding the hotel.

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Popular Q&A

What is the most expensive hotel in Amsterdam?

there is a number of really expensive hotels from the barbizon or the the nh grand, There is a few the Dylan hotel. Check out this site

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