Unusual Hotels in Florida

Lake Como Nudist Resort, Florida

1. Yurt Tree House

If odd for you means rustic, then perhaps a night in a yurt is for you. Yes, a yurt. Well, it’s actually a quasi-yurt. A true yurt is an indigenous, portable, Mongolian dwelling. And since Club Florida Yurt Treehouse is firmly implanted in the trees near the Santa Fe River outside of High Springs, Florida, it’s more like a tree house that thinks it’s a yurt.

It’s still pretty unique for Florida accommodation.

There’s an outhouse, a composting toilet, and even an anti-raccoon cage for your food, as well as a host of rules to abide by listed on their website. Chalk it up to part of the quirky experience though.

Jules Undersea Lodge, Key Largo Florida, Underwater hotel United States2. Lake Como Family Nudist Resort, Community & RV Park

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure I don’t want to see my family naked. But if your family prefers to be a little more…umm…unencumbered, then you might want to make your way to the Lake Como Family Nudist Resort, Community, and RV Park. With dining options like the Bare Buns Cafe and the Butt Hutt bar, you can be sure it will be an enlightening experience.

Casablanca Inn Florida - odd unusual unique offbeat places to stay in florida3. Jules’ Undersea Lodge

Claustrophobes and aquaphobes beware – it’s probably best move you on to the next quirky accommodation – the Jules’ Undersea Lodge in Key Largo, Florida is certainly not for you. The only underwater hotel in the United States, it’s been around since the 1980s. So has most of the furniture if the website is any indication — it looks like the place could use a bit of a refresh. Let’s hope their diving equipment isn’t as out-dated as that adding machine picture above.

4. Casablanca Inn

This hotel in St. Augustine, Florida is home to more than quaint and cozy rooms – it’s got a ghost too.Giant Sony Sports Walkman at Disney Pop Century Resort, Orlando, Florida, Quirky places to stay in florida The Casablanca Inn is said to be inhabited by The Lady with the Lantern – a former owner of the hotel who frequently can be seen from the roof swinging her lantern to warn bootleggers that the feds are on site, even though she’s been dead for years. Hopefully drinks are on the house if she shows up while you are there.

5. Disney’s Pop Century Resort

If you’ve ever dreamed of being greeted from your hotel balcony by a giant Rubix Cube, a gargantuan Sony Sports Walkman, or just a really big Bowling Pin, then perhaps Disney’s Pop Century Resort in Orlando, Florida should be on your bucket list. Giant icons that salute many of the 20th-century popular culture crazes—including toys, gadgets, music, movies, fads and catch phrases.

Ten whimsically decorated 4-story buildings represent the 1950s, ’60s, ’70s, ’80s and ’90s, and are adorned with icons and catch phrases from each period.

It's Interesting
  • The Carling, formerly known as the Carling Hotel and Hotel Roosevelt, is a historic building in Jacksonville, Florida, United States, built in 1925. It is located at 31 West Adams Street. As its former names indicates it was originally a hotel, and was used for that purpose until 1964; it currently serves as a residential building.
    The 13-story...
  • The Redmont Hotel and Residences is a 14 story (160 foot, 60 meter) tall, 114-room hotel, residence and conference center located on the corner of 5th Avenue North and 21st Street in Birmingham, Alabama, USA. The Redmont, named after Birmingham's Red Mountain is the oldest hotel in Birmingham still in use. It is currently owned by Bayshore...
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