Strange Hotels in Missouri

Not exactly a nightmare, but not for the skittish, all of these hotels and bed and breakfasts are known for reported hauntings.

1. Morse Mill Hotel, Jefferson County

This old hotel, located at 8850 Morse Mill Spur Road, is a 1816 farmhouse, with famous guests like Clara Bow, Jesse James, Al Capone, and Charles Lindbergh. Also, Bertha Gifford, who lived and worked there at one point, was an infamous serial killer who poisoned children and adults with arsenic laced chocolates. There have been reportings of strange images caught on film, footsteps, voices, cold breezes, and apparitions through the years. Find out more about the hotel's history at

2. Hotel Bothwell, Sedalia

This 1927 Jazz era hotel, located at 103 E. 4th Street, is the site of many reported hauntings. Ghost sightings, voices, and objects going missing are just some of them. A former worker reported scratches on the back of his neck coming from nowhere. There have also been doors opening and closing on their own, and a crank elevator working on it its own. The third floor in particular is said to be the most haunted.

3. The Elms Hotel, Excelsior Springs

Harry S. Truman spent election night here in 1948. This 1912 hotel, located at 401 Regent Street, once had a basement where the lap pool now stands. Many ghost sightings down there have been reported, including the ghost of a man from speakeasy days who had been killed by the mob there, and a frantic woman looking for her child who might even pull hair or throw things. The help seems to be well supervised as well. The ghost of a young woman in a maid outfit appears to make sure the work is done right.

4. Prosperity School Bed and Breakfast, Joplin

This former school stood empty for over 30 years before it was turned into a bed and breakfast. There have been reports of children running down the halls or shadowy figures and the ghost of a nurse. Perhaps creepiest are the guest reports of the sensation of a child crawling into bed with them in the middle of the night. Located at 4788 County Road 200.

5. Hotel Savoy, Kansas City

This building built in 1888, located at 219 W. 9th Street, has a long history of supernatural occurrences. Room 505 was the location of the suspicious death of a woman named Betsy Ward, and reports of voices, shadows, doors opening and closing have all been reported in or near that room. On the second floor, in 1990, the restaurant manager was stabbed to death by his dishwashers, and there have been reports of the feeling of being watched in that area. There have also been EVP's and pictures showing orbs and figures including a little girl in Victorian clothing being spotted on the 4th floor.

7. Lula Belle’s Bed and Breakfast, Hannibal
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