Strange Hotels in NYC

LR174881If your road trip has you spending a few nights in the Empire State, but you're dreading another boring night in an uninspired roadside hotel, why not take a detour to one of these offbeat overnights? Whether you want to snooze in a caboose, lounge in a library, or get cozy with restless spirits, these weird New York motels will scratch that itch for something strange.

The Library Hotel

This 60-room boutique hotel in New York City, was designed by architect Stephen B. Jacobs, and boasts a unique organizing principle: each of its ten floors are themed after a major category of the Dewey Decimel System, with each room on the floor acting as a genre from that category. For instance, The fifth floor is designed around sciences, which rooms dedicated to Mathematics (Room 500.001) or Botony (Room 500.004).

roofThe Library Hotel

Wanna get freaky? Be sure you book a stay in the Erotic Literature room (Room 800.001).

Execution Rocks Lighthouse

Lighthouse Restorations

While not technically a hotel or a bed & breakfast, the Execution Rocks lighthouse earns a spot on this list because it's one the weirdest places you can spend the night in New York... but you have to bring your own bedding.

exrxphotofrompadLighthouse Restorations

The tiny lighthouse facility off the coast has helped boats navigate the area since 1849, and now the Historically Significant Structures society is offering the adventurous an opportunity to spend the night in one of it's three rooms. The lighthouse is rumored to have recieved its name from the torturous way that British colonial authorities executed people on the island: by chaining them to the rocks at low tide and drowning them when the high tide came in. As you can imagine, this had many investigators to believe that the tiny island is haunted. In fact, Execution Rocks Lighthouse was featured in a 2009 episode of Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures.

You'll have to rough it, as the island has no running water, no electricity, and a chemical toilet, but the stories you'll have to share will be totally worth it.

Caboose Motel

If you're traveling with kids, or you're just a big fan of trains, you can't go wrong with the Caboose Motel in New York's Finger Lakes Region. Rather than catching Zs in a drab motel room, you'll shack up in an antique train car lovingly rehabbed into an overnight destination complete with a small kitchen and hot shower.

039 sheknows-checking-in-hotel-architecture-restored-buildings-caboose-motel-new-york caboose-motel IMG_8087
It's Interesting
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  • Justine and Craig are hired by Rosie Galt, the manager of an upmarket hotel. She wants them to prove that the hotel is not, as many are beginning to suspect, haunted. The duo are suspect that the job will be a waste of their time, but soon experience strange phenomena: flashing lights, wierd noises, extreme temperature drops and ominous...
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Where is Plaza Hotel NYC located?

The Plaza Hotel is located right in Manhattan in New York City. It is a famous landmark of the area. It is located on the west side of the Grand Army Plaza and along Central Park South.

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